About Eddie Dovner

Eddie Dovner is a longtime entrepreneur with professional ties to numerous thriving startup businesses and inventions.

Eddie Dovner was born and raised in Massachusetts and then decided to strike out on his own, moving to Florida at just eighteen years old. He took a job as a cabana boy at the Diplomat Hotel (now the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa), where he quickly realized how much he enjoyed networking with employees and guests alike. Three years later he took on a position that would allow him to expand his social network and hone his communication skills: Sales Agent at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. For the next three years, Ed Dovner steadily worked his way up, earning industry-wide recognition as a leader in sales. Always an entrepreneur at heart, he then branched off on his own again, ready to take his sales expertise to the next level.

Edward Dovner’s first business endeavor was a snack company which served other local companies; after a number of profitable years, he sold the company and moved from vending to coffee roasting. This was no light decision– as a passionate enterpriser he has always researched each of his business moves carefully, and he was one of the first to predict the success of gourmet coffee bean sales in the 1980. As the founder of Northeast Gourmet Coffee, Eddie Dovner established a trusted cornerstone in the niche, which would eventually expand into the profitable (and nearly saturated) marketplace it is today. Northeast garnered millions of dollars over the years, and Ed Dovner eventually sold it to a buyer so that he could seek out new, cutting-edge investments and inventions.

In 1993, Eddie Dovner founded his own company.

Ed Dovner built the brand up to national recognition and eventually attained nearly $100 million in sales. He ran the company for over a decade, selling it in 2010 in order to focus on his current ventures in fitness and sports.

A hands-on inventor as well as a business developer, Edward Dovner created and patented a bike storage product, Bike in the Air, in 2011. He is also working on a portable fitness equipment brand which allows people to work out on-the-go with ease.

Throughout his expansive career, Eddie Dovner has also perfected his entrepreneurial skills in another field: real estate. He focuses on commercial real estate and has been a key figure in the development of successful retail strip malls and single-family subdivisions.

Eddie Dovner is one of the most successful self-made entrepreneurs today, and he owes it not only to his work ethic but his ongoing studies of commodities, local and national market trends. Another key factor is his communication with his ever-expanding social and professional networks– if he could not convey his ideas and his goals to others, he could never achieve them. That’s why he puts a lot of emphasis on providing entrepreneurial advice to others. Edward Dovner understands firsthand how challenging– and how exciting– entrepreneurship can be, and he is happy to use his decades of experience to guide others.