3 Things People Don’t Think About When Starting a Business

As an entrepreneur, I know more than a few things about the decisions that go into starting a business. I’ve also found it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than mistakes you’ve suffered through on your own. I urge all of you up-and-coming entrepreneurial movers and shakers to make yourselves aware of three things people often fail to think about when launching a business.

1. Failing to Find Mentors

No matter how many books, blog posts or articles you read, nothing beats the knowledge to be gained from someone who’s in your desired industry and has an abundance of experience under her or his belt. Seek out mentors to guide you on your business journey. Take them to lunch, pump them for information and ask if they’d be willing to take you under their wing.

2. Not Taking Time to Recuperate

No matter how much needs to get done, try your absolute best to keep your weekends to yourself, your family and your friends. You need some time to decompress away from the office and recharge your batteries so you’ll be ready to get back in the ring come Monday. Rather than work harder, figure out ways to work smarter. Technology makes it easier than ever to streamline common work tasks; find those apps and programs and use them.     

3. Not Hiring the Right People

No matter how many of your friends want to go into business or work with you, don’t hire them if you don’t believe they’ll be true assets to your company, and the same is true for anyone else you’re thinking of hiring. The wrong team can cost you in more ways than one. The best way to go is to hire a team with a variable skill set and qualities that complement each other. If your team were a chorus, there should be perfect harmony when you open your mouths and sing in the key of business.

How many of these mistakes have you made? Correct your course and you’re sure to experience smoother sailing.