4 Ways You Benefit From Taking The Scenic Route To Success

4 Ways You Benefit From Taking the Scenic Route to Success | Eddie DovnerWe all want to reach success, but many of us struggle with figuring out how to get there. It’s easy to think that there is one set path to success, but there are many CEOs and other successful entrepreneurs who end up taking more of a “scenic route.” In fact, it’s best not to take the shortest possible route to get to the point to want to reach. Here are a few reasons to take the scenic route to success:

  1. You live by your own rules.

While living by your own rules is often used to describe a reckless lifestyle, there is something to be said for going outside of the box. Life needs structure, but who says you can’t build that structure? For some, the eight-hour work day just doesn’t make sense. Not everyone is meant to live practically. It’s important that you choose a path in which you fill fulfilled rather than a life that simply looks good on paper.

2) You learn to adapt to change.

Sometimes issues come up in life that changes your trajectory a bit. Nothing is going to go as planned, and sometimes going the scenic route is the best response to the events that are happening. There is a quote that says “A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to turn.” Once you embody this, you’ll be able to tackle any challenges that come your way. You may have to do something unexpected or unconventional, but that’s okay because you’ve done so before.

3) Your experiences can help you in the future.

In an article for Misc Magazine, Dr. Ted Witek speaks about his father’s career path. He received a degree in metallurgy but then decided he was passionate about civil engineering. He took courses while obtaining his PE license. In his 70s, he decided it was never too late and acquired his Master’s in Environmental Studies. When he visited Florence, he was able to use his knowledge of art history from an elective he previously taught. Sometimes, the knowledge you obtain in a seemingly irrelevant area can help you later in life.

4) It enhances your inventiveness and critical thinking.

In this day and age, many people are in a race to reach success. Instead of cultivating patience and persistence, we think that our success stories must be linear. We do not accept risk and we don’t focus on career fulfillment nearly as much as we should. If you focus more on the bigger picture and become less career-oriented, you will be able to gain expertise in a number of areas. Diversifying your expertise helps you become more well-rounded. You will be better at critical thinking and be more innovative.

Overall, we need to think of our career not as a race to the finish line but rather as a journey through which we pick up a number of skills and experiences. When you take the “scenic route” to success, you’ll find that your life and your career are much more fulfilled.