5 Examples of How Entrepreneurs Ponder Intrinsic Motivations & Personal Truth

Eddie DovnerEntrepreneurship is an adventure in capitalism and leadership, but more than that entrepreneurship is an opportunity for characteristic growth and it is a motivated move toward the realization of passions, ideas, and creation. When opting to become an entrepreneur, ponder intrinsic motivations and personal truth.

There are countless extrinsic motivations for leading your own business, including the acquisition of wealth or reward, but there are also numerous intrinsic motivations that push the creatively minded to seek personal accomplishment, to tap into career development, and pursue influence over an industry or market.

Among the many elemental reasons you might be compelled to start your own business are opportunities to explore innovation, freedom to demonstrate operation control, moments to test personal limits, and occasions to assemble dedicated teams. In addition to the aforementioned explanations, self-confidence, inquisitiveness, and ambition are on the menu for inspired entrepreneurs. Additionally, the prospect of granting career stability to not only yourself but countless community members is another reason for establishing your own business. There’s personal pride associated with developing well-respected organizations, emboldening local economies, and motivating dedicated employees. There are ways to foster intrinsic motivations and seek the personal truth.

“Underdog” Passion: Employees and business owners can flourish when they’re a part of a close-knit team. Supported environments, verbal encouragement, and assigning role ownership are incredible ways to create a rewarding business and establish personal relationships.

Consider Yourself an Artist: Look to all of your resources and skills to create a lucrative business and a functioning work environment. If you’re ever in doubt or require inspiration, actually look to purveyors of poetry, drama, prose, philosophy, or visual arts. You’ll be surprised by how much Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Paul Cézanne or the authors of written works can counsel you and help to guide your perception and performance as a leader.

Take Notes Everywhere: It may sound like a cliche, but ideas strike anywhere. For that reason, keep a pen and paper handy to jot down any creative or inventive ideas. Fleeting thoughts can be the stem of extremely lucrative ideas. The same can be said of ideas that come to you during your sleeping hours.

Determine Your Own Path, But Review Maps: It’s important to establish your own path as a business leader, but never forget that the beaten path can offer incredible insight. Select a handful of incredible business leaders, research them and document their interests. If you better acquainted with how others attain success, you’ll be better trained to attain success.

Personalize Your Truth: One of the greatest benefits of the entrepreneurial spirit is that it allows for individual development and personal conviction. A great part of fashioning your own business means establishing your own rules, your own agenda, and your own truth. If your find that your business ideas don’t fit the mold, break the mold. Create opportunities and standards based on qualities you value.