Common Traits of an Entrepreneur

When most people think about being an entrepreneur, they imagine a business person obsessed with making a profit. While the monetary rewards of owning a business are not to be discounted, there are many other things that drive and empower individuals to pursue their own ambitions. Here are some of the most common traits of an entrepreneur.

The Need to Make Things Better

At the heart of all small business ventures is an overwhelming drive to improve the world. Even if a change is small or seemingly insignificant, the power to alter their environment becomes primal. They are willing to sacrifice a steady paycheck at a regular job for the chance to offer a better product or improved service.  

A Craving for Independence

A small business person with a vision will seek an environment that allows the freedom to try out new ideas. They often reject conventional methods. They come to understand the functions of their enterprises at all levels and are willing to get directly involved whenever necessary to maintain their independence. This need for independence is the motivating force that drives them through setbacks and long tedious hours. 


Business acumen is essential, but it takes more than just a casual review of the basics. Entrepreneurs immerse themselves in the industry environment to become experts in their fields. They often cross train in a variety of disciplines.

  • Technical training
  • Market research
  • Process and organizational methods
  • Area specific knowledge

They know that the more they understand, the better their odds are of success. They also realize that outsourcing some tasks to contractors or other more qualified experts is sometimes necessary.

Always Making Connections

No single owner can be everything at all times, and burnout happens regularly. That is why it is important to develop a robust network. Other professionals provide the essential support that keeps a business venture moving forward. Contacts can be called upon for more than just sales and advice. They are there to provide other needed services that can come in handy during a time of crisis.

A true entrepreneur knows that success means more than just money. It is the power and freedom to enjoy the lifestyle of the exceptional.

Eddie Dovner is an entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO who is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Learn more about Eddie Dovner by visiting his pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, and SlideShare. Also, please learn more by visiting and