Miami’s 2nd in the Nation for Startup Creation, Ranks Low for Growth, Scalability

8408220671_22438e9046_bMiami is known for its heat, but equally, it’s known as an attractive home for startups. However, while Miami earns the distinction of being the second in the nation for startup creation, it also ranks low for growth and scalability.

Kauffman Foundation published a study that demonstrated that Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area ranked second from the bottom out of 40 metro areas in the growth of fast-growing companies. This news comes just one year after Miami came in second for job creation and sixth in the nation for small business activity.

The 2016 Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship utilized data on revenue and employment to rank metro areas and states. Looking at the first five years of business, they looked at fast-growing companies reached at least 50 employees by year 10, high-growth company density, or the number of private businesses with at least $2 million in annual revenue. Comparably, Washington, DC came in No. 1, performing three times better than Miami in every category (No. 39). In the state of Florida, Jacksonville (No. 23), Tampa (No. 26), and Orlando (No. 35) ranked higher than Miami. In the nation, only Detroit ranked lower.

“Miami is a place that does very, very well on startup activity – a lot of people are becoming entrepreneurs and starting companies,” said Arnobio Morelix, senior research analyst and program officer in Research and Policy at Kauffman, which studies and supports entrepreneurship. “But when we look at how firms grow after they start, we don’t see Miami doing very well.”

The good news? Miami has a good density of startup companies, so it’s just a matter of engineering businesses to scale better. Some important facts that key to grow an entrepreneur are connectivity, density, fluidity, and diversity.

Knowing one’s proximity to similar companies, knowing how to connect for the purposes of resources, know how to assemble resources locally to grow talent and money, and recognizing the diversity of skill sets. With Florida ranking 24 out of the 25 largest states ranked for growth entrepreneurship, Florida still marked the state ranked in the top five for health entrepreneurship.

Miami is working toward developing a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Within the past few years, the Knight Foundation has committed more than $20 million to more than 160 entrepreneurship projects and organizations throughout the city. Numerous Miami-based organizations are focusing on scaling up.

Also, Florida ranked 14th in the nation for venture capital growth in 2015. Ultimately, the Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship offered that U.S. entrepreneurial growth across industries and states. Miami’s entrepreneurial business growth has helped the region to the Great Recession, and it’s directly helped to spark wealth, job, and innovation increases.

Gen Z Entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer Can Teach Millennials & Other Young People a Great Lesson

lemon-1198006_1920Entrepreneurship is on the rise. This is particularly true when it comes to millennials, who are developing and running their own businesses in great numbers. With that said, many millennials function under the assumption they’re “too young” to launch their own business –that simply isn’t true. 

Mikaila Ulmer, an 11-year-old entrepreneur, is teaching the world what it means to fearlessly move toward personal dreams. Last year, Ulmer appeared on the acclaimed television series Shark Tank, where she unveiled BeeSweet Lemonade, an incredible lemonade that’s both her great-grandmother’s recipe and sweetened with flaxseeds. Ulmer struck a deal with the FUBU CEO and television personality Daymond John for $60,000. His timely investment into her business instigated a four-state deal with Whole Foods to sell her lemonade, recently rebranded as Me & the Bees Lemonade.

While Ulmer is quite younger than the millennial generation, that subset can look to the Gen Z member as a source of inspiration. Her success teaches numerous lessons, including the understanding that entrepreneurship can happen any age, and innovation needs only determination as a dedicated partner.

The idea that an individual is too young to launch a business is totally false. That statement is a symptom of a defeatist attitude. If Ulmer’s success teaches anything, it communicates that no one is too young to make ripples within an industry. This is particularly true if you’re launching a business that seeks to solve a real problem, and you conceived a viable solution to correct said problem. Age is nothing but a number when it comes to innovation, do not resign yourself based on lack of experience. Instead, remember that your age and energy can be a source for success.

Any particular personal and/or professional experience can help to motivate you toward your dreams. Ulmer was just a playful child when she was stung by a bee, and the idea for her lemonade was born. Her zesty beverage doesn’t only promise to satisfy thirst, it also endeavors to help save the lives of bees, which are dying out. By reviewing a personal experience, we can identify past events that sparked a greater interest, much like being stung by a bee generated a greater interest in bees for Ulmer. There are countless money-making moments scattered throughout our lives, which own the potential to become great success stories. Life sometimes hands us tangible solutions, which could be profitable if we recognize its potential.

And when it comes to realizing this dream, and appearing on television in order to pitch your product/business/service/brand to a team of expert investors, you have to be ready. Ambition is not only necessary, it’s powerful when it comes to actively reaching seemingly unattainable goals. The risk may be scary but always proven to be rewarding in some way. Stay committed to yourself, your continued success, your ideas, your products, and your mission, and you’ll find exactly what you need.

Be like Ulmer, use your personality and spunk to find your way toward success, and hopefully millions.

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Embrace an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Change Your Life

beach-885109_960_720All entrepreneurs appear to be risk-loving, free-wheeling, and challenge-seeking individuals who are fearless. While lives like theirs seem unattainable, anyone can embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and effectively change their lives.

These experimental and innovative individuals aren’t that different from anyone else. They may seem a world apart, but they’re born in the same hospitals, attend the same grade schools, and walk the same streets. The difference? They simply have an inclination toward risks, creativity, conceptualization, and execution. However, inherently, we all have the ability to access these valued traits in our personal and professional lives. The trick is to cross the line from thinking about developing a business to actually deciding to create a business.

A large part of getting stuck in a rut is a failure to think creatively and take on risks. Without making the decision to take risks or to use one’s imagination, life may appear bleak. This can even be the case for those who are otherwise satisfied in their lives. By utilizing an entrepreneurial mindset at home and at work, we learn to be more creative and purposeful with our space and time, elevating everything from brunch to business endeavors. Of course, this is easier said than done. Making the shift from where you are to where you want to be involves accepting a challenge and seeking a success-driven life.

Find satisfaction in overcoming challenges and embracing an entrepreneurial outlook.  Why do this? Well, it’s simple. It’s easy to allow an uninspired job to bog you down and absorb you wholly. The notion of ‘overcoming and embracing’ fosters the idea that you should seek alternatives to your current position in life. The entrepreneurial principles beg you to stay committed to self-development, purpose, strategy, and responsibility, which are essential for the growth of a business.

The entrepreneurial mindset, which is a mindset that leans toward defiance, problem-solving, and rule breaking, tends to disagree with presented rules. The inventiveness of entrepreneurs keeps them dissatisfied and forces them to always modify the rules for improvement. This isn’t to say you should totally disregard the rules at your current workplace, but consider those rules, and find areas where some of those regulations can be improved. Entrepreneurs are much like writers, who adhere only to those rules that help them to achieve those goals while disregarding the rules that appear limiting.

Be a decider, not a permission-asker. Entrepreneurs recognize when decisions must be made. Rather than asking around for advice, then educate themselves on ways to solve the issues on their own. Of course, these are judgment calls and risks that may or may not be met with positivity.

Fear of self-investment holds us back. Ultimately, the thing that holds entrepreneurs back isn’t the lack of ideas, it’s the fact that there are no guarantees. Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurial spark has burned many, but it has ignited a clear path toward success for many others. This fear often comes to us in the form of doubt, and we become receptive to disapproval.

Often, it takes decades to shake feelings of fear, and success isn’t realized until later in life. Many don’t realize they don’t have to capsize their lives in order to become an entrepreneur. It simply means making yourself available to small changes that will facilitate your dreams. This means putting aside a little extra green in order to grow your future aspirations; trying something risky every day; networking with other entrepreneurial people; becoming open to new adventures; writing down new ideas, and communicating your interest in developing a business to everyone you meet. This will help you to take a step forward toward your dreams.

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Establishing Creative and Remarkable Content for Business Sites

woman-865111_960_720Creating impressive content isn’t nearly enough. While establishing creative and remarkable content is a vital step in blogging, but it’s not the end-all and be-all. In fact, it’s far from it. Creating new and organic material is only the first step. Yes, Google and other search engine crave good content, but these services also crave diverse, shareable, and compelling content that begs to be acknowledged.

When creating blogs, the idea isn’t to reinvent the wheel. Rather it’s to steer it somewhere that it seldom goes. Try to invent something that has popular appeal, but a unique idea. This makes it easier to replicate the success of others, while able to surprise the public with interesting thoughts, emotion, and vitality. Connecting with users in a way that evokes anger, sadness, disgust, fear, or surprise can make a piece of writing more attractive because it offers a perspective or a decided opinion.

There are several paths available to bloggers who want to create content that’s significant and valuable. One way to do that is to write toward a global audience, which can be accomplished by fashioning culturally-rooted content that’s attractive to a marketer, Discussing culturally relevant topics and items, such as holidays and the foods that are attached to those holidays. Also, depending on the goals of your campaign, you can post translated editions of your blog that’s relevant to specific target groups. When translating the blog, go through the trouble of combing through colloquialisms, swap out photos, and choose appropriate references.

What’s also important is knowing what one 
shouldn’t write about. For instance, bloggers should steer clear of seasonal references. While localized content is essential for creating content that speaks to a population, seasonality limits relevance and outreach, Also, create a content strategy that drives organic traffic is rooted in an ability to develop a pattern of frequency that’s tailored toward a specific audience and utilizes important eye-grabbing keywords.

The go-to recipe for creating this all important content is to understand the persona and behaviors of your readers and to engage with them. You have to identify demographics and identifiers. You should create a keyword list that comprising of terms frequently searched by your audience. You do this by knowing your niche and advancing your knowledge of longtail keywords typically utilized by your audience. Also, identify content desired by target audiences, utilizing common types of content: visuals, blogging, email, social media, webinars, audio, and videos.

Give your own brand style and personality, which will help it to stand out among others. Others tend to gravitate toward content that demonstrates high energy. Develop a content schedule that encourages dependency. For this to happen you should develop a posting calendar, which will engage the organic, slow and systematic growth. If you need help generating new ideas, try brainstorming with others, read books, question basic assumptions,take a contrarian view, interview others, create a conceptual story, and acknowledge the value in strategy and design.

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Map to Guide You on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

The entrepreneurial journey The entrepreneurial journey isn’t an easy one for most. It’s an uphill battle that’s marked with landmines, speedbumps, and tire shredders. It’s a course that’s frequently prolonged and it often coincides with other responsibilities: preexisting careers, families, and financial obligations. Nonetheless, these challenges can be countered with business intelligence and aspirations; and it’s met with a need and willingness to develop and drive innovation. There are numerous ways to cultivate behaviors to ensure that you’ll become an influential innovator.

Innovation can be defined as a transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough, or a process for developing new products, ideas, etc. Pursuing innovation can be established by knowing oneself and knowing the needs or desires of the public. Learning to fulfill basic needs can set entrepreneurs toward a path of creation, development, and success.

With that said, how do you know if your idea is worthy? How do you know that your products or services will be able to accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish? How do you know if potential clients or buyers will want to acquire your services versus another? Well, you can take a poll or do a survey. Reach out to your potential audience, whether they’re millennials or baby boomers, and find out what they want and what they need. Also, develop a step-by-step map to help you during this journey.

It’s important to recognize resources when creating a new business. It’s imperative that you utilize email marketing, create a social media presence to promote oneself, learn to organize files and photos, and utilize an impressive photo editor to create high quality rich media to display on blogs, sites and within your physical location. Also, it’s necessary that every business recognizes the importance of blogging while utilizing search engine optimization, it’s an incredible way to build a brand, and to engage with customers. Some essential business applications, such as Evernote, Asana, Leadpages, PicMonkey, TimeTrade, Bluehost, Replace Myself, Instant Teleseminar, and Wishlist Member.

When you develop your map, compose it in phases. During the initial phase, establish a marketing strategy while creating goals; create keyword lists and begin the creation process. Begin media contact and conversations, create media objectives, and develop PR strategy and go-to-market position. Fully construct an engagement strategy, create a list of influencers, and begin promoting content and building relationships. The second phase of the map creation involves developing timely and provocative content, track results, refine keywords and create an opportunity to contribute to third-party publications. Furthermore, create a media push, develop materials for outreach, connect with influences, push content toward sites where it can be aggregated and promote all interactions on social media streams.

The final phase of the map creation is to integrate visual content, improve content and optimization, and track results. Lastly, put an emphasis onniche/industry-specific outlets, consistent media outreach and accelerate interactions on feeds.

Utilizing a map can help you to properly maneuver the ragged path to success.

Eddie Dovner is an entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO who is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Learn more about Eddie Dovner by visiting his pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, and SlideShare. Also, please learn more by visiting and