Enjoyable, Cohesive Company Cultures Stimulate Success

Company Culture

Company culture encompasses the organizational values and behaviors that contribute to the unique psychological and social dynamics within an organization. The language, habits, beliefs, visions, systems and values of a particular firm make it distinct. Company culture contributes to the atmospheric cohesion and probable success of a company. Job seekers in today’s workforce inquire about company culture as much as they inquire about benefits and salary. More than ever, members of the workforce value working with intelligent, interested and charismatic individuals.

From the perspective of the employer, it’s important to determine if a new hire will fit comfortably in the cultural environment at a firm. This is why a great deal of hiring decisions are based on the likelihood that a person might fit into a particular company and their willingness to accept and promote core values. Zappos, Warby Parker, Southwest Airlines, SquareSpace, Twitter, and Chevron are prime examples of companies that pride themselves on their company culture and the happiness of their employees, aware that this translates to having a happy customer base.

Positive company culture is  promoted, in some respect, by companies communicating goals and visions. Additionally,  giving employees the permission to realize those goals and visions honors their ambition and encourages them to produce their own ideas. Empowered employees who feel that they’re equipped with the necessary goals to reach far prove that they are a valuable asset to their respective company. Also, when their company or team supports those efforts, this allows an employee to know that their actions and voices are important to the company. Employees who feel that they have ownership within the company prioritize the needs of those who they service and those who work beside them.

Fostering team building skills and support, and prioritizing communication are important when nurturing a company’s culture. When it becomes apparent to employees that their needs are valued within a firm, they’re more likely to remain energized and see the value in growing with a particular company. Also, if employees feel further determined when they feel that they are working for a company that’s contributing to important changes in the world.

Some organizations utilize their HR managers to facilitate morale boosts while others assign entire departmental committees to keep team members excited, engaged and task-oriented. Events and programs are frequently organized to promote a sense of community. Whether it’s unlimited vacation, free beer, robust perks, group yoga classes, on-site laundry, employee health-oriented programs, stock options, catered meals, periodic guest lecturers or safety seminars, these small acts promote a team-oriented environment. Google is another company that’s known for granting access to amenities such as gym memberships, dog-friendly environments and etc., resulting in a team that’s driven and talented.

The companies with the best company culture frequently revisit the needs of a team to make sure those needs are being met. Also, companies that place trust in employees find that the entire firm moves forward through the efforts of independent employees. While focusing on company culture, don’t ignore regulations, laws or safety, and ensure that all employees feel welcome and comfortable. Your company culture should be accepting of diverse individuals and ideas.

Eddie Dovner is an entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO who is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Learn more about Eddie Dovner by visiting his pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, and SlideShare. Also, please learn more by visiting EdwardDovner.org and EddieDovner.com.