Entrepreneurial News Sources

Staying informed is the key to developing winning business strategies. The speed of information has rapidly increased, and smart entrepreneurs make a concentrated effort to keep pace. Getting into a habit of checking these three common sources of information is essential.

General Business News

Always review general business news every day. The economy is constantly changing, and it is a fact of life that everyone is going to need to update skills, processes, and expectations at some point. Read the latest magazines, news reports, and journals to get a feel for the general state and mood of the nation. Sometimes it is possible to spot trends in specific markets as well, but avoid relying too much on these generalized sources for detailed information.

Trade Publications

Industry specific information can be found in trade publications. These sources are almost always current and provide valuable insights. They are not always readily available to public. It may be necessary to join a club or an association to gain access. Subscribe to news sources and email lists whenever possible, and get in the habit of reviewing the headlines for important details regularly.

Helpful Rumors 

Often times the most valuable information isn’t found in print. Nor will it be posted in blogs or other online media. The best entrepreneurial advice and tips come from personal networks.  Attend business functions with other experts to build contacts with competitors and allies. 

  • To keep informed of the latest trends:
  • Attend business networking events
  • Follow social media
  • Directly call contacts for advice

Avoid relying solely on the advice from peers. It is wise to always verify before you act, but never discount the importance of leads that these sources will generate.

A successful business strategy depends on a constant stream of reliable information. Keep informed by accessing as many different sources of news as possible. Even the most insignificant detail can lead to a profitable idea or help to avoid a potential disaster.