Startups That Will Soar in 2016

Eero, Hungryroot, Periscope, The League and Meerkat are just a few examples of cool and interesting startups launched in 2015. However, no matter how successful 2015 was, in terms of bringing forth a parade of fresh startups, 2016 promises to be an even better year for the launch, development and creative direction of newfangled businesses.

There are already a number of young startups identified by venture capitalists to be huge within the tech industry, as well as other industries. For example, Datadog has been regarded as “crack for developers.” Also, the San Francisco-based media tech company Inverse was founded in 2015, and it endeavors to equip tech-savvy male millennials with all the latest news in music, digital culture, science, television and movies.  Vulcun, a fantasy league for e-sports, will also grow in the upcoming year because more and more people tune into final tournaments for Counter-Strike or League of Legends. The company will support the e-sports phenomenon by developing incredible digital goods.

Kafka, a fault tolerant and highly scalable computer “messaging” system developed by emerging open source leader Confluent, is an open-source project and streaming data platform that allows for the transmission of data between computers.

VarageSale is a new enterprise that promotes person-to-person transactions and the purchase of low-cost items without incident. The app is fast, and it’s a safe place for buying and selling items within a community. Carousell is another app that helps individuals sell items. It’s an app permitting users to sell unused and underused clutter.

Juicero, which has $90 million in funding, is barely out of the development stage but has caught the attention of Silicon Valley. Headed by Doug Evans, Juicero hopes to become the Keurig of fresh juice.

Banjo offers pertinent social media based on location in real time. It’s faster than other tools in the social web, quickly identifying important real-world events.

Some other startups to look out for are Mic Networks, Laurel and Wolf, EverString, Segment, InVision, Databricks, Visier, UserTesting, Nextdoor and FullStory.

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