Stress: The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a righteous and beautiful thing. There are innumerable joys affiliated with entrepreneurship, including but not being limited to being one’s own boss. Committing oneself to this new reality of being an entrepreneur involves incredible personal investment and dedication, and it can be rewarded with untold success.

Nonetheless, committing one’s life to being a business owner and thought leader requires composure. The stress of developing a startup that offers the public products, processes and/or services can be a terrific source of stress for the entrepreneurial minded. One of the worse things that an entrepreneur can do when feeling overwhelmed by stress is to simply allow oneself to become totally conquered by this self-assigned business.

Consider any potential stress-relievers to help defuse some of the stress associated with being entrepreneurial, and try to recapture what it was that set entrepreneurs on that particular journey. Walk away from excessive stress, which is responsible for cardiovascular disease, depression, and gastrointestinal complaints.

These stress relievers can be anything from beginning or ending your day with exercise, taking a break from the multiple screens that you interact with, reduce your commitments so that you’re only focusing on necessary projects and key engagements. It’s important to manage work-related stress.

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